This is a prototype. Please bear with us while we complete it.

The toolkit at a glance

Getting started. This section explains the rationale for the toolkit, and how to use it

Help people understand. This section contains initiatives that help individuals and communities understand how to use financial services or increase their financial literacy, such as research tools and courses.

Help people save. This section describes tools for digitizing community savings processes.

Help people pay.This section describes an analog-to-digital payment tool.

Help people borrow. This section describes a tool to help monitor microloans delivered to SMEs.

Help people de-risk. This section describes a tool to support the creation of accessible insurance products.

Each tool in the toolkit is assigned to only one section. This is somewhat contrived, as in practice some of the solutions prototyped by the Accelerator Labs jointly address different dimensions of financial inclusion. An obvious example is the digitalization of the community practice of sanduk in South Sudan, which functions both as a saving and as a borrowing practice.